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Please take the time to read this information before You continue to the recruitment forum. If you have any questions regarding the application procedure we ask you to contact Worf via PM or ingame.

Needed criteria in order to post an application:

Your character must be Level 60.
Your character must have access to Onyxia Lair, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas.
You must be able to raid Monday-Thursday 20:00-23:30 (gametime) and Sunday 18:30-23:30 (gametime).
Your character must possess atleast 5 set pieces of tier 2 gear and/or atleast 3 set pieces of tier 2,5 gear.
You must be able to read, write, speak and understand good English.
You should possess a decent computer with a stable connection which are required in heavy encounters (i.e. Naxxramas).
You must be patient and willing to learn new encounters and listen to the given orders from the raidleaders.
You must make a list of your current gear (i.e. profile link via
It is important that you inform us of Your unbuffed fire resistance (FR), nature resistance (NR), shadow resistance (SR) and frost resistance (FrR).
You must be willing to farm components for flasks (Distilled Wisdom, Titans, Supreme Power), potions (Healing, Mana, Fire/Shadow/Frost/Arcane protection, Mongoose) and consumables (Food, Demonic/Dark Runes, Winterfall Firewater, Whipper Root Tubers, Juju’s).
Herbalism and Fishing either on main or an alternative character is a great bonus.

Guidelines in how to post a good application:

Start by writing the character name, talent points, professions, current gear and alternative characters you have.
Inform us of Your unbuffed fire resistance (FR), nature resistance (NR), shadow resistance (SR) and frost resistance (FrR).
Tell us a little about yourself including your name, age, what guilds you’ve been in, your experiance in World of Warcraft and why you want to join Spirit Odyssey.
It is always a bonus to know a little about yourself such as what your interests are, if you work or study, what coutry you live in and what your family situation is like.
Try to make the application as short and informative as possible.

Please note that we value guild cohesion and hence we do not want to recruit:

Immature people.
People obsessed with loot.
People who are unable or unwilling to communicate with guildembers.
People who are prone to violent mood swings.
People who are tired/bored of the game but want to experience end game content.
People with a bad reputation in the Emerald Dream community.

Good luck with Your application!

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