Spirit Odyssey Vs. MCShows all the bosses up to the spawning of Ragnaros.
Get it here:
SO vs Vaelstrasasz the Corrupt movie
The movie can be downloaded from pretty short fight compared to the others (only 3-4 min) and unfortunatly the casters have the most crappy view on the fight, but hey! it’s better then nothing :)
Have fun watching!
SO vs Razorgore the Untamed movie
And again yours truly got it on tape :D
It’s a pretty long movie with some nice actions caught into it. If you look closely to a large group of legionairs at the time Zen used the volley you can see Oniscizo using ‘The Big One’ on them, and stunning maybe 20 of em at once.Have fun watching! :)
SO VS Emeriss Movie
You can download the 120mb and about 10min during movie from : fight with Emeriss itself takes about 9 minutes and i also added a little part of the event in Moonglade. :)

A great job again to everyone! Now, with this dragon down, let’s move on the the next one waiting for us in Blackwing Lair! :D

I finally made my own filefront work :DSo you can download the movie(s) from this site now:

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