27/11/2006 – Sapphiron down

s, the dragon

We would like to thank Blizzard for another fun and well-designed… wait, who are we kidding?
While it was an interesting fight to learn, (imho) it once again put too much emphasis on the gear check component.
Even after all this time in Naxxramas, we might have failed in that department, therefore we owe a big “thank you” to Forlorn Hope for helping out by lending us additional [Frozen Rune]s.

sapphiron kill shotso at sapphiron's corpse

Frostwyrm Lair didn’t warm up after removing the big freezer, instead we were treated to a manager getting scolded by his boss:
an interruption

This kill was powered by the Azeroth Herbalism Society.
how to blow your guild's cash before the expansionfarmer kard
Farming ftw?

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