No more play

Spirit Odyssey is gone, has been gone for a few months in fact. The players have either quit or split into different guilds. With the deletion of the entire subdirectory on the original host, this shall be our memorial.

The forum was a spam honeypot  as of late and will not be restored. Most of the informational posts were long lost anyway.
Still available for grabs until my bandwidth bill kills me: SO vs the 4 horsemen: 661 pov / Lyessa pov. SO vs Sapphiron (661 pov). Lyessa’s hibernation collage.

Take care,
Lyessa (changed main to Briska)

13/12/2006 – Viscidus shattered

As “they” say, revenge is best served cold… Viscidus had this coming a long time.

After our April 1% wipe, we didn’t care enough to return and finish the job. In fact, no guild on Emerald Dream did. And so it happened that this was the first time Viscidus died on Emerald Dream, almost a year after the gates were opened and it falls to us to enjoy the glory and spoils of this victory… the awesome [Gauntlets of Kalimdor]. /cry

the blob, viscidus

In more enjoyable news, this was accomplished after killing C’Thun which awarded Onierik his [Base of Atiesh]. Now only One Must Fall for the staff’s completion.

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